Nine Resources to Help Your Students Prepare for Post-Secondary

A version of this article was originally published with Power to Change – Students.

Whether you’re helping a friend, your child, or a high school student you’re mentoring, your investment in their life after high school matters. Take a look at these nine resources that can make your investment even stronger.


1. Ontario Scholarships and Western Canada Scholarships || These scholarships are designed to encourage a healthy transition to post-secondary, both by offering funds and by facilitating connections to the faith communities on campus. Closing dates are soon, so be sure to send this along right away!

2. 5 Pivotal Decisions You’ll Face During Your First Year of University || Your students are about to enter a season of immense opportunity. How will they make the most of it? Thinking through those decisions now may help.

3. Let’s Deconstruct “Deconstruction” || Do you know someone facing a “mid-faith crisis”? Many young adults are deciding to deconstruct their faith, often times to a less than exciting result. Help them know that they’re not alone, and encourage them to find answers with others.

4. I Almost Walked Away From My Faith || This is Sarah’s story of re-framing her faith. Instead of deconstructing, she “renovates.”

5. How to Handle Change || Transitions are naturally messy. Whenever change happens, a mix of emotions will inevitably ensue. Help your students navigate these emotions well.

6. How to Help Your Child Succeed Spiritually While in University || Written from a parent’s perspective, this article has tips for anyone who cares for youth.

7. Mentorship Conversation Cards || Designed to be used during a student’s last year of high school and into the first months of post-secondary. Let these simple (and free!) cards guide your conversations about their life and faith.

8. 3 Myths I Fell For in University || Busting these myths ahead of time can help your student walk out their faith journey in university/college.

9. Live Webinar || All about helping students carry on their faith after graduation. More tools, ideas, giveaways, and Q&A will be provided. Register today here.


One of the great ways you can support your students in this season is by connecting them to great scholarship funding. For example, our friends over at Power to Change – Students are offering a NEXT Steps Scholarship for those heading off to post-secondary in Ontario and the Impact Award for students going to school in Western Canada.


You should also access to our on-demand webinar all about helping students carry on their faith after graduation. More tools, ideas, giveaways, and Q&A will be provided. Find it here


Lastly, you can send this link to the families of graduates. Power to Change – Students are offering a webinar specifically about preparing for College/University for them!



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