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Don’t Run on Empty

I am by no means a mechanic. I can’t change the oil in my car engine and can barely change a tire. When my car starts making strange noises, I quickly call in the professionals. That being said, I know what keeps my car moving. If the gas gauge gets to E, things will grind to a halt. Fuel is a non-negotiable. 

When it comes to the work of the Kingdom, while there are many things that are significant and of great importance, if we aren’t presenting the gospel in a clear and compelling way, we will quickly find ourselves running on empty. Talking about Jesus’ love and acceptance is a non-negotiable.

Dr. Dave Overholt describes it this way, “The gospel is at the core of Christians’ beliefs. Without the gospel, there is no possibility of heaven, there is no living relationship with God and no fruit of the Spirit transformation. There is no power from within to live a life of love.  Out of all the doctrine we believe, we need to make sure that we get the gospel right. Without the gospel, there is no faith to be a part of…the simple gospel is that Jesus died and rose again for the forgiveness of sins.” He did this so we could be in relationship with Him.

In all avenues of Christian ministry, it’s essential that we make articulating the gospel a high priority. People are searching for hope, meaning, and purpose. They want to be known, loved, and accepted. The gospel message addresses each and every one of those needs and invites people to make a conscious decision to enter into a new relationship and a new way of being.

The message is not complicated, but its significance is life-changing.

The words themselves are simple, but their impact is beyond comprehension.

This is the story, the truth, that has been entrusted to us. As 1 Corinthians 5:19 says, God “gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.” We share this message with others because God’s hope and healing have transformed our lives. 

Do your students know the gospel? Can they articulate it to others? Do YOU know how to share it 10 sec, 1 min, 5 min?


If you’re the kind of person that thinks about the big questions as they relate to your ministry, then you are exactly the kind of person who will benefit from the Youth Ministry Online Summit.

Two events. One for youth ministry staff. One for youth ministry volunteers.

The most thoughtful and strategic speakers we know are presenting to Canadian youth ministry staff on August 19. Here are a few of them you won’t want to miss…

Kristen Ivy from Orange Vince Parker from Life.Church Mark Matlock, coauthor of Faith for Exiles

On September 12, there will be practical training that will unite and inspire your whole youth ministry team, covering topics like: How do we help teenagers in crisis? How do we lead a small group? How do we model spiritual disciplines? How do we become healthy Youth Workers?

Both events will cover the most important things pertaining to ministry this fall.

To find out more, click on the banner below.

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