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How to Partner With Camp This Summer

Close your eyes and picture this. You’re looking across a field. And there is chaos everywhere.

In one corner there is a group of girls determinedly trying to make a human pyramid. In another there are 6-year-old boys escaping the grasps of their counsellors encouraging them to put a shirt on. You look up and there are vinegar and baking soda explosions colouring the sky.

Finally, you feel a sticky drip on your shoulder, and your back is oddly drenched. Then you remember that you agreed to give a piggyback to a young one who stubbed their toe in the lake, and you gave them a popsicle to console their pain.

You might think this is the worst way to spend your summer, but then you remember the precious moments around the campfire where the very same munchkins experience God’s love for the first time. And the timid voices that courageously pray before bed. And the valiant declarations of children committing their lives to God.

So now you remember: This is the best way to spend your summer. 

You also remember there is a reason that camp is mostly run by teenagers, because it’s crazy hard work, with seemingly impossible hours. So how could you sensibly be involved?

Well friends, there IS a way.

Camp relies on a wide variety of volunteers and support networks. There is certainly a place for you to use your gifts and skills to serve at camp.

Here are 4 ways camp needs you this summer more than ever:

First and foremost, PRAY.

Camp has been hit hard by the pandemic, and it is STILL unclear what the summer will look like. Pray for the people making decisions, that they would see that kids and communities desperately need camp.

Secondly, be an ADVOCATE for camp.

Many camps are inviting their networks to write letters to their MPs to push for camp this summer. So, write a letter!

See what camps are putting out on their social media and share it on yours. Camps struggle with making new connections (and want their message to be spread); they need you now to be their voice in your communities.

Advertise for us in your churches; we would love to host your kids at camp. And we are always looking for youth to join our teams!


Not everyone is cut out to be a cabin leader, but camp needs many different skills. You love and are passionate about transforming youth through scripture, so why not lead staff devos or a staff Bible study?

Maybe you just want to love on the staff. Try hosting a staff-care night and shower the camp staff with encouragement and treats.

You have an army of youth yearning for things to do. Why not see if there is a spring cleaning day you can join in?

Camp is always in need of people with healthcare backgrounds or even contracting. See if your camp needs a nurse for the week, or has special work projects you can attend to.

Heck, jump in the dish pit and serve in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, ASK camp what they need.

Camps know their needs best.

Suggest taking the director out for coffee, minister to them, and see how you and you/your group can be involved.

Just like a youth group, camps rely on the generosity and love of their volunteers to run efficiently. We need you to help us love and transform the next generation. 


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