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Introducing the #IdentifyWithPovertyChallenge

Okay, so no one is going on a global missions trip this year. But does that mean all hope of engaging your youth ministry with a compassionate global perspective is lost? Of course not!

Youth Worker Community and Compassion Canada have partnered to bring you the #IdentifyWithPovertyChallenge. This simple and engaging six-week journey can be completed from home, promotes online engagement with your youth ministry’s social media channels, and serves as a shared-experience learning opportunity.

Find everything you need to run the Identify With Poverty Challenge on Compassion Canada’s website

What is the Identify With Poverty Challenge?

For six weeks, students and leaders will be challenged weekly through short, one-minute videos to do something that helps them identify with people experiencing poverty. Some of the challenges include sleeping on the floor for a night or going without electricity each evening.

Students and leaders will also be encouraged to dig deeper—to reflect on real issues of poverty and injustice facing the world and on how God might be calling them to respond.

As they complete the challenges, they’ll be encouraged to post and share about their experience on their own social media profiles.

You can run this challenge during any six-week period this ministry year—either now, before Christmas, or in the new year. It’s designed to be fully flexible to your timeline and is available to run on your youth ministry’s Instagram page or through engaging with Compassion Canada’s TikTok profile.

Find all the information you need to run this challenge with your students on Compassion Canada’s website.

Why should you run this challenge? Here’s five reasons:

1. It’s something simple and engaging in complex and confusing times.

These challenges are pulled directly from Compassion Canada’s True Story youth curriculum—and they are by far one of the most popular and engaging aspects of True Story! We know engaging with anything in this season can feel complex and overwhelming. We’ve designed this challenge to be as simple and straightforward as possible, as an easy way to have fun and learn together.

2. Despite the pandemic, you don’t have to lose shared experiential learning.

Some of the most powerful youth ministry moments are those shared experiences: missions trips, service opportunities, retreats. While it’s not the same as being in the same space, this challenge is designed to get students experiencing something new alongside you, their leaders and each other.

3. It’s a great way to engage on Instagram and/or TikTok.

Whether you’re a pro or new to these platforms, social media has become an important connection point in this season. Use this challenge as an engagement tool on these platforms!

4. You can pair it with a fundraiser to make a tangible impact.

By now, you’ve heard the overwhelming stats about rising extreme global poverty rates—and your students likely have, too. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but teenagers can also be empowered and equipped to make a tangible difference.

Compassion Canada has launched a brand-new fundraising platform for COVID-19 response efforts. Through this platform, you can create a unique fundraising page for your group and track your progress towards a custom fundraising goal. Make it a part of your six-week journey!

5. Issues of justice are more important than ever.

As this pandemic disproportionately affects those living in poverty and our wider society has intensifying conversations about justice, finding a way to engage your students with issues of compassion and justice is so important. This challenge is a great way to get the conversation started.

Are you ready?

Get everything you need to run the challenge from our friends at Compassion Canada.

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