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Searching for Somewhere

Now, more than ever, students are looking for a place to escape from the complexities of life. They need to find places and pockets where they can relax and feel safe to be themselves.

Whether it’s music, TV, internet, movies, or books, people use these distractions as a way to escape from the anxiety of everyday life. In a survey by MindShare North America, 63% of people said that they “use content to take my mind off of negative things going on in the world.” 

Surprisingly, even horror movies can, in an unexpected way, provide a place of safety where people can process and replace their real-life fear with fiction, allowing them to find release.

But it’s not just a solo pursuit. For many, part of the escape is finding a community to belong to. United over similar interests and affinities, or rejection of characters and plot points, people are finding ways to feel a part of something beyond themselves. 

There is a strong desire to feel connected…but also to feel safe, understood, and valued. 

And then the pandemic hit.

Now more than ever there’s a need for connection.

And teenagers will search for that anywhere.

A group that plays Minecraft together.

A Fortnite clan.

A groupchat of friends from school.

Consider your own ministry context. Have you provided opportunities for students at various levels of engagement with your ministry to find a place to belong? Often we default to either the “outsider” or the “church kids” but a balanced approach is essential for all to feel welcomed and accepted.

What could be the kingdom wins if you doubled your efforts at building the kinds of connections that adolescents are craving?


If you think about these kinds of questions as it relates to your ministry than you are exactly the kind of person who will benefit from the Youth Ministry Online Summit.

Two events. One for youth ministry staff. One for youth ministry volunteers.

The most thoughtful and strategic speakers we know are presenting to Canadian youth ministry staff on August 19. Here are a few of them you won’t want to miss…

Kristen Ivy from Orange Vince Parker from Life.Church Mark Matlock, coauthor of Faith for Exiles

On September 12, there will be practical training that will unite and inspire your whole youth ministry team, covering topics like: How do we help teenagers in crisis? How do we lead a small group? How do we model spiritual disciplines? How do we become healthy Youth Workers?

Both events will cover the most important things pertaining to ministry this fall.

To find out more, click on the banner below.

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