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Our Story

Youth Worker Community exists to empower more youth workers to help the next generation know Jesus. We do that through conferences, the Coalition, research, coaching, and resources for youth ministries.

It all started over 20 years ago as Truth Matters Ministries.

Our Purpose

Equipping, empowering, and relationally supporting youth workers to help the next generation know Jesus.

Our Values

We do all of this in a culture of low ego, high trust. This means we are…

Devoted Disciples // We place ourselves under the authority of Christ and Scripture. We take the Bible seriously, and invite accountability into our lives to help us become more like Jesus.


Faithful Friends // We show up for people, celebrating their wins and supporting their struggles. We see each person for who they are, not what they do.

Constantly Curious // We are committed to staying curious, always looking for new ways to serve our community better. We approach problems with an open mind, staying calm and asking “what if”, so that road blocks can be transformed into bridges.

Humble Helpers // We leave our personal agendas at the door, and seek to serve others first. We make it a priority to model this posture to those we lead.

Our Staff

Youth Worker Community is run by a group of veteran youth workers.

Want to get in touch? Click on our photos to send us an email!

Sid Koop
Executive Director
Jeremy MacDonald
Director of Operations
Steve Zacharias
Director of the Coalition
Dawn Gutek
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