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Empowering youth workers to help the next generation know Jesus.


But you don’t have to do it alone.
The Youth Worker Community is here to help.

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Youth Worker Conferences 2024-2025

What we do...

Coast to Coast

With multiple events from coast to coast throughout the year, it's easy to find a location near you. Be inspired, trained up, and encouraged in your local missional context.

Events are geared for both point leaders and volunteer youth workers to walk away with fresh ideas and renewed energy to tackle the year ahead.


We are collaboratively shaping the future of youth ministry.

[A two-year experientially integrated vocational education program].

Earn your MA or complete a BA with us. You’ll learn and grow through experiential learning, spiritual formation, academic excellence and intentional community, all while you stay in your ministry context. 


Equipping leaders practically to better impact a generation for Jesus.

  • Middle & high school curriculum

  • Volunteer training 

  • Ministry tools and checklists

  • Coaching

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“I always think it is amazing to connect with others in youth ministry. It can sometimes feel like a very lonely world and it’s always wonderful to meet others and go ‘you understand!’”

Manitoba Youth Worker

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