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What's the next step if I'm interested?

Book a call with the Steve Zacharias. He’ll be able to answer any of your questions and walk you through the application process should you decide that you’d like to apply.

What if I'm not in church ministry?

If you work with teenagers and want them to follow Jesus then you’ll love the Coalition. We have students who are involved in a wide range of youth ministry contexts and we are pretty convinced that the diversity is good for us all. Also, some Coalition students are involved in ministry beyond just youth ministry. So if you are wondering if the Coalition fits you and your context, the best thing to do is to book a call with us.

I'm a rookie. How can I find a place to do an apprenticeship?

If you are not currently involved in a youth ministry that will allow you to do your apprenticeship, don’t lose heart. There are a number of churches, camps, campus ministry chapters, and other ministry contexts who have indicated a willingness to host an apprentice and provide supervision and support. We cannot guarantee an apprenticeship placement, as students will need to earn their placement by applying to the ministry that seems compatible with their sense of calling, but we will do everything in our power to help potential apprentices find a grace-filled learning community where they will be mentored, supported, and encouraged as they pursue their training. Let us know your needs during the application process and we’ll start building some bridges for you.

Is the program accredited? Can I transfer credits to another college or university?

While The Coalition doesn't issue degrees, the program has been accredited through our academic partners, allowing you to use your Coalition experience in a Bachelors or Masters program. Our academic partners have accredited the program through the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) which is the accrediting body for most seminaries around the world. It is also approved and recognized by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) which is the group that accredits Bible colleges across North America. You can book a call with us to see how the Coalition can help you reach your academic goals.

Who is the program for?

Youth workers. Church youth workers. Camp youth workers. Christian school youth workers. Community youth workers. If you care about adolescent faith development then the Coalition is for you. Some students take the program as a certificate simply to sharpen their leadership. Others use it to complete a Bachelor’s degree. And others still go through the Coalition because they are interested in getting their Master’s.

How much does the program actually cost?

Some of the expenses related to the program are fixed and identical for every student, but some costs vary depending on geographical location and desired program outcomes. The basic tuition cost of the program is $10,000. $5000 each year for two years. This covers the cost of the eight classroom experiences and eight off-campus (experiential immersion) courses, which will be completed as part of your ministry apprenticeship. Students taking the program for college or seminary credit may be required to pay additional fees to the school accrediting their courses. If you are interested in a breakdown of the various partners and their financial arrangements, please contact the Coalition office at Additional costs for textbooks, accommodation, and transportation will vary, depending on your personal circumstances. Students are responsible to find their own accommodation for any in person classes, but the Coalition team can help you find affordable options.

Will the class assignments and academic requirements distract me from doing my current ministry?

The truth of the matter is that earning a degree will always be disruptive at some level. You don’t get the parchment for “just showing up.” A quality education will always require a degree of commitment and there will be a price to pay. With that said, the class assignments are designed to take place in the regular routines of week-to-week ministry. This is not a program where you will be expected to spend hours in the library writing theoretical papers about ministry. You will be living out the assignments in the day-to-day realities of your ministry context and you’ll often discover that the assignments will be immediately utilized to help you in your work responsibilities. But you might have to skip rewatching The Office another time to focus on completing the program

Can I audit a class without registering in the program?

We want to make this training available to as many front-line youth workers as possible. A limited number of seats will be available during each class week for people who are interested in taking a course as an auditor (This means a student just attends the classes, takes advantage of the learning experience, participates fully in the week the class is gathered, but has no expectation of completing the assignments or course requirements.) The cost for auditing a class is $750, and priority will be given to auditors who are coming to class with an apprentice who is registered in the program. (There may be times an apprentice would like to bring their supervisor, or one of the volunteers from their ministry to benefit from the classes)

Why are there multiple campuses?

One of the core values of The Coalition is intentional community and one of the ways we create that is by having you journey with a Cohort (an incredible group of fellow youth workers) through your 2 years. You’ll learn, grow, encourage, challenge, and pray with each other which makes the whole experience so much richer. We have multiple Cohorts, in multiple locations, happening at any given time. Current and committed Cohorts include: Kelowna BC, Moncton NB, and Southern MB. There are new ones popping up all the time, so if you’d like one close to you just let us know when you book a call.

Want to talk about the Coalition?

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