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Try These Scripts When Calling or Texting Students This Fall

You’re probably getting ready for the best fall kickoff ever, putting a ton of work creating an incredible program. We know there are lots of things to think about when it comes to starting back up strongly, but have you thought about how students will know it’s time to come back? If you aren’t careful, you can miss the opportunity to start off big by simply not getting the word out.

Whether you are simply reaching out to your small group or are contacting a big list, your best results will be when the invitation is personal, direct to the student, and done within seven days of when they’re being invited.

But just because it should be a personal contact, doesn’t mean that it can’t follow a script. In fact, using a script can help make sure the right things are being communicated. Take this sample and adapt it to your group to help launch well this fall!

And let us know in the comments anything you’d add or do differently when you reach out to students!


Good evening this is _______________ calling. Could I please speak to _____________?

If the student is home….

Hey _____________________, this is _________________. How has your summer been?

Listen, I really wanted to invite you back to our Fall Kickoff. I’m going to be there, and I know some of the things we have planned. There’s going to be free slushies, unlimited nachos, the whole small group back together, a message from so-and-so that I can’t wait to talk about, your favourite group game, etc. It’s happening on this date at this time — will I see you there?

If the student isn’t home and you leave a message with a family member or on an answering machine, just say the same things. Parents love to know what’s happening too!

And don’t hesitate to use text or a DM either — however you can get in touch with your students is great. Just make sure that they know they are invited back and that you can’t wait to see them!

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